Design notes

The aluminium NANO workboats are designed by the New Zealand design company Lomocean.

Innovative naval architects and sail and power boats designers, New Zealand based LOMOcean Design (formerly Craig Loomes Design) offer custom boat designs tailored to the specific requirements of each client.  The result is an ever expanding range of mono-hull, catamaran, trimaran and wavepiercer designs for the pleasure, commercial (ferry, tug, crew boat, work boat etc), military and super yacht markets, honed in the towing tank and wind tunnel.

Mooring and docking

The NANO is especially developed for easy docking and mooring.

With ist wide and well protected bow boarding from the bow is easy and practical. Standing on the shore the wheelhouse handgrip is within reach for safe boarding.

Due to its nicely developed round rockerline the NANO is perfect for boarding and breaking away from a moving ship. Also the NANO will stay easy alongside a ship allowing personnel to (dis)embark a moving ship.         



Rolling alongside ship

The NANO is designed with a large free roll angle.

Due to its voluminous fendering and cleverly designed wheelhouse the NANO Tug and Shuttle have a large rolling angle preventing the boat from damaging when in big waves alongside a ship.

CE certificate for Nano 23 Tug

The Nano 23 Tug complies with the ISO regulations for CE.

The Nano 23 Tug complies fully with the ISO regulations for CE. These regulations concern construction and stability requirements as well as requirements for electrical, mechanical and hydraulic installations and grant and validate the quality of the Nano 23 Tug. The boat is certified for safe operations in inland and coastal waterways till windforce 6 and 2 meters of significant wave height.