The Nano Air is an easy to handle open harbour boat that can come with three different steering and lay-out configurations.

The standard version of the Nano Air 23 comes with an aircooled 67 HP HATZ engine and is configured with handtiller steering. But also a more powerfull watercooled engine or a steeringconsole with hydraulic steering system is possible. The steering console can be installed beside or in front of the engine box, depending on the customers wishes and usage. This allows a customer to add some other options like a towingpost, windscreen or bimini. For safety reasons each Nano Air 23 with hydraulic steering comes with an emergency tiller.


360º view Nano Air 23

This sturdy open aluminium workboat is very suitable for harbour operations. This boat has a top speed of 11 knots with the standard aircooled HATZ 67 HP, 4 cylinder inboard diesel engine. The engine speed can increase up till 15 knots with the watercooled KUBOTA 100 HP engine. The hull is constructed according Lloyd's register.

Download the configuration/inquiry list here

Lightweight workboat

The Nano Air 23 is designed for easy docking with a 2,5 Ton crane

The Nano Air 23 has a weight less than 2250 Kg. This makes this sturdy and durable workboat very easy to lift with a 2500 Kg boat- or shore crane. The boat comes with four over dimensioned hoistingpoints designed for more then 10.000 lifts.