Various engine and propulsionsystems available for the Nano Workboat

Depending on its operational usage the Nano workboat can be provided with various propulsionsystems and a variety of engine types. The most common engine installation is an inboard diesel engine with shaftline propulsion. But also a sterndrive or even a yetdrive propulsionsystem is possible. The engines normally will be watercooled but also an aircooled Hatz engine can be installed for usage in areas where as waterpolution or waterflora can disturb the waterintake of coolingwater. The Nano Workboat can also be provided with one or two outboard engines.  

SCAM engines

SCAM Marine is supplier of the very reliable Kubota engines.

SCAM MARINE is a Croatian company that manufactures small and medium marine engines for the global marine market. 

SCAM DIESEL produces watercooled marine engines with carefully selected base engines from KUBOTA, developed with years of experience in engine marinisation. SCAM DIESEL marine engines are designed to require minimal and simple maintenance. All elements for regular maintenance are placed at the front of the engine. The indirect cooling system uses water heat exchangers to maintain optimal working temperature, which prolongs the engine's operating life.

Hatz engines

The aircooled Hatz engine, perfect for low cost operations!

Engine systems for maritime applications are developed and conceived for Hatz by the specialists in the Hamburg Center of Excellence. With more than 30 years of experience, the special requirements involved with the deployment on water are met.
The basis of the maritime systems are air cooled diesel engines that are also certified to Class DNV/GL from the engine plant. Thus, no further conversions are necessary. Hatz diesel engines fulfill the exhaust gas standards based on IMO and BinSchUO and, depending on the requirements concerning noise emissions, can be equipped with the Hatz Silent Pack.

The Hatz aircooled diesel engine is a no-nonsense engine, easy to maintain and with a low failure rate.  Not having a coolingwater inlet this engine is very reliable in areas with surface debrie, sandholding water or in use by non-technical operators.  

Yanmar engines

Yanmar General

Founded in 1912 in Japan, Yanmar is a global brand and leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced performance diesel engines and final equipment. You will find Yanmar products in a wide range of applications in agriculture, construction, energy systems, industrial and marine. A pioneer by nature, Yanmar has always been leading diesel technology development. Currently, Yanmar is the frontrunner in achieving clean emission by developing cleaner products. Customer orientation, service, reliability, efficiency and innovation are at the heart of Yanmar’s branding. Concentrating on these key brand elements, the company aims to utilise all its engineering experience and expertise to bring substantial benefit to its customers. Yanmar has a global workforce of over 15,000 employees and a sales and service network operating in more than 130 countries. With European headquarters in the Netherlands and sales organisations covering the whole of Europe, Russia and Africa, Yanmar Europe employs around 600 people, generating annual sales turnover of 800 million euros.


Konrad sterndrive

The Konrad 520 sterndrive for highspeed and perfect maneuvrability.

Konrad Marine designs and manufactures stern drives for commerical, military, recreational and high performance applications. Since 1991, Konrad stern drives have been hard at work, worldwide, with proven reliability, strength, and performance. 

The Konrad 520 in combination with a Yanmar 4LHA diesel engine gives the perfect combination for speed, maneuvrability and durability. This sterndrive has been engineered with hard work in mind and has a number of benefits that sets it apart from the other stern drives on the market:

  • Oversized bearings
  • Thicker walled casings
  • One piece propeller shaft
  • Continuous oil circulation for cool operation
  • No corrosive exhaust through drive
  • Precision machined super alloy gears
  • "Special K" gears available for demanding high performance
  • No failure-prone cone clutch
  • Minimal maintenance required