The Taxi-version of the Nano Shuttle 28 is the solution for fast water transport of a crew up to 13 people.

The Taxi-version of the Nano Shuttle 28 can easily, fast and comfortably transport up to 13 passengers. Whether to serve as a fast small ferry or as a shuttle to anchoring ships or windmill farms this boat is a perfect and cost efficient means to transport a small group of people.   


360º view Nano Shuttle 28 Taxi

The perfect taxi boat.

The Nano Shuttle 28 Taxi is a fast and comfortable taxi boat to board or embark boatcrews or for passengers transport over water. With some small adjustments the boat is also convertible into a small supplier boat. Easily handled by a 2-man crew this boat is a multifunctional and a low-cost asset for your company. The diesel propulsion with shaftline drive is very easy to maintain and reliable. The firm and nice looking fendering is built to resist shocks, abrasion, daily cranehandling and intensive use. It will last for decades with minimum maintenance and low running costs. The Nano Shuttle 28 Taxi is the alternative to fast GRP boats, providing more reliable strength with more speed. The design is Lloyds register approved and the hull can be built under full survey. 

Download the configuration/inquiry list here

Choose your own colours

Each Nano can be painted in the colours of your demands.

Although uncoated aluminium does not need a protective painting layer because it builds an anti-corrosion layer by its self you might want to have your boat in the signal colours yellow, orange or red  for better visibility. If desired you can also have the boat painted in your company colours. The aluminium hull will first be supplied with a 2-component base coating before applying the final colourscheme.